Broad Area Colloquium For AI-Geometry-Graphics-Robotics-Vision

Physics Based Modeling for Computer Graphics

Ronald Fedkiw
Department of Computer Science
Stanford University

Monday, Feb 5, 2001, 4:15PM
Herrin Hall, BioT 175


Scientists and engineers have used numerical techniques to simulate physical phenomena for many years. More recently, these numerical techniques have worked their way into a variety of new areas including computer graphics. Some key techniques will be discussed including the Level Set Method for tracking interfaces and discontinuities, the Ghost Fluid Method for accurate modeling of boundary conditions at these interfaces and discontinuities, and Vorticity Confinement as a method of removing excess numerical dissipation on coarse grids. Example simulations of smoke, fire and water will be shown.

About the Speaker

Ronald Fedkiw is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science working on Computer Graphics and Scientific Computing.


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