Elimination Methods for the Types of Equations that Arise in the Algebraic Geometry of Rigid Body Transformations

Bernard Roth

Mechanical Engineering Department

Stanford University


This talk will review the common methods of obtaining equations for the analysis and design of systems of rigid bodies which have relative motions. The algebraic and the essential sine-cosine character of such equations is pointed out. Once this is established, the main body of the talk will deal with the solution of sets of such equations. Emphasis will be placed on elimination methods, and especially on methods of obtaining auxiliary equations from the original set.

This talk will review what we have learned in the last several years by the use of elimination methods. It will be pointed out that classical techniques of elimination usually are too cumbersome, but with slight modifications the same basic concepts can lead to effective algorithms.

Bernie Roth is a Professor on the faculty of the Design Division of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Stanford University.

Edited by Leonidas Guibas