Spring Quarter '09

Class News:

Class Objective:

The aim of this course is to introduce, at an elementary level, a set of mathematical and algorithmic ideas rooted in geometry which are important in all branches of the computer science dealing with representations and manipulations of virtual physical objects. Included in this list is computer graphics, computer vision, robotics, computational structural biology, and sensor networks . The emphasis is on algorithms and data structures for modeling the shape and motion of physical objects, and more generally multi-dimensional data. The ideas are also important in other computational domains where geometric ideas play an important role, such as in machine learning, statistical data analysis, and databases.

Time: Mo/We 2:15 -- 3:30 pm

Location: Gates 392

Instructor: Leonidas Guibas,

E-mail: guibas@cs.stanford.edu
Office: Clark S293 (650 723-0304)
Office hours: Thursday, 2:00-3:30 pm

CA1: Qixing (Peter) Huang

Office: Clark S297 (650 725-6521)
Office hours: Friday, 3:00–5:00 pm

CA2: Maks Ovsjanikov

Office: Clark S297 (650 725-6521)
Office hours: Tuesday, 1:00–3:00 pm


Homework 1 Out: Wednesday, 15 April Due: Wednesday, 29 April
Homework 2 Out: Wednesday, 29 April Due: Wednesday, 13 May
Homework 3 Out: Wednesday, 13 May Due: Wednesday, 3 June

Midterm: In class, Wednesday, 20 May

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