Assignment 2: Sports and Action
Charlie Lin
This photo satisfies requirement 4. I took a burst of 10 photos of a person flying his kite at Shoreline Park in Mountain View and stitched them together using photoshop with the magnetic lasso tool. Using the magnetic lasso tool, I copied the kite in each photo and copied it into the original photo, thus allowing us to see the loop path that the kite took. I used a circular polarizer to make the sky more blue and make the clouds pop out more.
I felt that I needed at least 1/250 sec shutter speed, so I kept the ISO at 200 and set the aperture to F8 so that the depth of field would not be too shallow. Additionally, because the focal length is only 40mm, the depth of field is also deeper. I also cropped the image to cut away some extra space and I boosted the contrast to get rid of some of the evening haze.




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