Assignment 4: Architecture and Interiors
Dmitry Khabashesku: Vertical vanishing point
This was shot in manual mode with the aperture wide open and the FOV made as large as possible. I borrowed a friend's tripod so I was free to make a nice long exposure and keep the ISO fairly low (my camera gets very noisy above ISO200).
Requirement - vertical vanishing point (at the very top of the frame)

This is the construction crane above Munger. I've always wondered how they build the crane itself (with another crane?). This was shot at night, so you can just make out a few stars.
In this and all other night shots, I used a 2-second self timer to give the camera time to stop vibrating on the tripod after I pushed the shutter button.
I did experiment with turning the SteadyShot feature on and off but I can't say I notice a difference for still images.




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