Assignment 1: Bad Photos


Sudarsan Acharya: A Spinning and Precessing 2 Euro Coin


Requirements 1 and 2. A Spinning and Precessing 2 Euro Coin.

Focal length = 55mm ( Nikon D60 Auto Focus Zoom Shutter Priority Mode )
Metering = Center
Shutter Speed = 1/50s
Aperture = F5.6
Exposure Compensation = +0.7EV
ISO = 400
White Balance = Fluorescent

The coin is spinning towards the corner of my table and I used lighting from my fluorescent table lamp. The background was darkened using a black sheet of paper and the low light setting ensured that the edges of the table were focused clearly without stray light from around the table. Also the texture of the table surface adds life to the coins path. The coins periphery is blurred but the "2" engraving is clearly visible and the coin appears as if its converging at the corner of the table and moving into darkness. Actually that happened many times, i.e. the coin flew out of the edge immediately as I spun it on the table and it took me about an hour to get the coin spin the right way and get the shot I wanted as well.

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