Assignment 2: Sports & Action


Jennifer Wang: Serve


Requirement #4: Burst

To shoot this, I set the camera on burst mode such that each image would receive a 1/3200 sec exposure time and capture a slice of the action. It was a really sunny day, which helped the exposure, but the aperture was still set at f/5.6 to help compensate for the fast shutter speed. In five shots, the serve is captured from the initial ball toss-up to the player's ready-to-return stance (excuse my tennis language, I do not play).

To produce the "time lapse" image, I set the last shot as the background (so that final figure would appear the darkest) and layered the previous images on top with lower opacity levels (40-50%). Because multiple layers of the green tennis court would overlap with and dilute the previous images of the player, I deleted the green stuff before adding each frame as a new layer. Image was flattened and cropped and brightness increased.

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