Assignment 5: Still Life


Gene Tseng


Requirements 1, 2, and 3.

Relevant Camera Settings:
Exposure: 12 shots varying from 1/400 sec to 10.0 sec
Shot with a tripod

Photoshop work:
Merge to HDR Pro

I chose to have a dark background to contrast from the light spots (the candles and the caustics)

This scene is lit purely by just the candles. I wanted to create a romantic typed look, as that is what i first thought of when I thought about shooting a wine glass. Positioning of the candles was critical to create a visible caustic that was still within the frame.

Other Thoughts:

At first, before I added the "Menu" to the scene, the caustic was barely visible because the table was too dark. I added the "Menu" on white paper so to bring out the caustic, which worked really well.

Another issue was the relative brightness of the candles with the rest of the scene. It was too much, so I decided shoot at multiple exposures and merge them as one HDR image.

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