Assignment 5: Still Life


Rahul Gupta: 3 Shadows


Requirement 3

The camera settings were: Aperture priority mode, focal length 18mm, f/3.5. Exposure 1/15, ISO 400

I chose aperture priority mode as I wanted the least possible DOF, and let the camera decide the exposure. I set to a high iso as I needed to handhold the camera, and with lower iso, the exposre time was too much to avoid shake blur

I used a white glitter paper as the background, as the light passing through the bottles and the glass were more prominently visible, and the sparkly effect seemed nice. I used a spotlight blub, placed on the left of the bottles, and played with bottle placement (and rotation) to get the desired 3 color effect

For the shot, I was looking right down, focusing on the small glasses base, so that the top of the bottles would blur out. I would have loved to capture the entire bottles, but the light source had to be placed extremely close to the base of bottles, and hence had to crop the image

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