Assignment 8: Portraiture and Light


Wendy Mu


Requirement 5: Non-photorealistic Combination

This is made up of two images: a photo of me and a photo of my rubik's cube. First I took the picture of myself using a tripod. My tripod was not very tall, so I added some textbooks underneath to make it a bit taller; however the perspective turned out still a little bit from below. I tried to make sure I was not against a background that was not very contrasted from my clothes (white wall, light sheets). (con't)

For the second photo, I took it using similar settings as my portrait of an object photo from assignment 5. Also, since I knew my perspective was from below, I took the picture of my cube from below as well. In both photos, there was a strong light from the left provided by my desk lamp (key light), light from the ceiling light, and some not very strong light from a light at the side of my room (fill light). (con't)

In Photoshop, I adjusted the colors, brightness, and contrast. In the photo of me, I cut out the background and then pasted it on top of the rubik's cube picture. In that picture, I also edited the background to make it more white and removed some of the text on the stickers. I also added shadows onto the cube.

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