Assignment 4: Architecture


Ritobrata Sur: The world of Cardinals !


Requirement 1: Vertical vanishing point (Everything vanishes at the center point !)

I am really proud of this picture ! I finally have done this .. having thought about this one for months ! Took a panorama shot at the main quad, did some image resizing and polar coordinate transformation and voila ! The world of Cardinals is born .. The "17" in this circle resembles a billiard ball numbering pattern. The spiraling clouds add to the dynamic look of this picture !

Again for the panorama shot, I needed a large depth of field and fixed the focus at the center of the frame.
What aperture and shutter speed did you use, and why did you choose them?
Used autofocus to adjust for the varying distances. Used a wide angle lens to get the maximum coverage. Stitched 18 pictures to obtain this 360 degree panorama shot.
This was the only place where the church and the Hoover tower was visible from the same point in the main quad !

Didnt need to do much corrections except removing some fringe like patterns at the edges after doing the polar coordinate transformation.

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