Assignment 5: Still Life


Chris Lewis: Renewal


This is my shot for the "themed collection" requirement. I was fortunate that I had just purchased these two bottles of light and dark rum a few days earlier. The shot glasses seemed like natural co-subjects. I meant for this to playfully fit the "ambition" theme, as it would take intense focus and determination of six drinkers to finish these bottles in one night. :) I suppose it could also fit "renewal," if you consider a night of social drinking to be rejuvenating after a long week. Regarding composition: I put the tallest items in the back (at a slight offset) and arranged the shot glasses like children waiting to be given their fair portions. It's like Oliver Twist, with a twist.

I shot these items against the black foam core boards and lit them from the side with my warm, three-bulb desk lamp. The result looks more like a Bacardi ad than a still-life foretelling a night of binge drinking, but I like the effect nonetheless.

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