Assignment 5: Still Life


Victoria Savikhin: Broken


This is my finished assembled piece. This glass broke a while back and I kept it in anticipation of using it for photography.

I experimented with different ways to light this, but every direct lighting I tried gave me very strong reflections of the room. So in the end I used the ambient lighting of the lamp on my desk, and I lifted a blanket during the shot to cover at least a third of the surroundings (I used a ten second delay to allow setup of the blanket). I still got some strange reflections. For example, on the upper right of the broken piece there is a reflected pattern that resembles a skull at first glance--this is actually a piece of wall with a bottle in front of it. There is another skull-like reflection on the main part of the glass next to the break (it's very small and hard to spot unless you zoom in), and I couldn't figure out the source of that one at all. It made me pretty uncomfortable to see it in every shot!

Post-processing, I aligned the photo with both pieces of glass as a new layer on top of the single glass. Then I erased around the edge of the floating piece--the tape holding it up was reflecting quite brightly.I blended the two layers with some kind of shadow between them, because it made the upper edge of my floating piece look most integrated. I edited out the edge of the tape on the inside of the floating piece by using the spot heal. Overall, the process was a lot easier than I expected.

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