Assignment 5: Still Life


Victoria Kwong: Unconditional Love


This is a photo of my cross necklace. This is meant to satisfy requirement 3. The background in this photo is the Bible and a red cloth, used to symbolize the blood of Jesus. I shined my desk light from the left side to focus on the cross. On the other side of the Bible, it is darkness because the light from the desk light can't hit it. Additionally, there's the symbolism that without the light of God, one is in eternal darkness. The light part of the photo has a very golden color to parallel the grandeur of God.
The camera settings in this particular photo are f/11, 1/30, and ISO-720. I needed this particular aperture so I could have a very shallow depth of field. I cropped the photo a little to reduce the amount of darkness on the right side such that it would not overwhelm the main subject of the photo. No other photo processing was done.

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