Assignment 8: Portraits


Robert Hart: Port


Camera settings: 1/160, F/5.6, 60mm, ISO 800, manual focus
Set-up: This photo was taken in section. I took almost 100 pictures during the class time and strangely this was the first one I took, but one of my favorites. This was when she first sat down in the chair and was laughing about something so maybe didn't expect any pictures yet so it was fairly candid. Her eyes and smile really draw you in and make you want to know what she is laughing about. Three lights are used, one background light on a white backdrop, one key light coming from her left to light up her left side and one diffused fill light from her right.
Image processing: Increased exposure (the photo was a little underexposed) and adjusted color balance (there were multiple types of lights in the room and on her so the auto white balance was not quite right) in camera raw. Image is cropped from the original to give more leading room for her to look into and to cut a little of the white space from the top.

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