Assignment 4: Architecture


Kalina Jordanova: Wooden roof


I really liked the shapes in this roof, as well as the color of it, so I wanted to focus on it. I took this photo with a large portion of it focused on the roof, since that was what I wanted to capture. I thought that the triangles looked nicely, so I looked down the hall for the photo. I also positioned myself in the center of the hallway so that the triangles were more apparent in the roof.

In photoshop, I cropped the photo and straightened out the perspective a bit, so that there would in fact be no vertical vanishing points, which is evident since the walls/vertical lines don't converge. I also increased the vibrance of the photo slightly, to emphasize the colors.

For the aperture and shutter speed settings, I set them to keep the exposure nice. I used a small focal length to get a wide range of view in the photo. I kept the ISO at a medium level since the lighting worked with this level, and it kept it from being too noisy of an image.

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