Assignment 4: Architecture


Melissa Johnson: panorama


This image of Bing Concert Hall fulfills requirement #5 (interior panorama). While I didn't get to go as far to the right with this panorama as I would have liked to (I got kicked out by the usher in the lower right-hand corner), I decided to go with this one anyway since Bing's design makes this image a lot cooler than other possibilities for this requirement I had in mind. To take the pictures, I opened the aperture as wide as possible (3.5) and set the ISO to 800 to get a reasonably fast shutter speed. I steadied my camera on the ledge that you can see on the left-hand side. Post-processing was difficult because the photoshop's vignette correction would freeze whenever I tried it, meaning that I had to blend the layers by hand with clipped adjustment layers, layer masks, and a paintbrush. I also used the clone tool to fill in a few bits that I missed. As far as white balance goes, the image is a bit on the warm side, but since this is what I remember it looking like, I decided not to adjust it.

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