Assignment 5: Still Life


Matthew Morea: Fruit Smile


This satisfies Requirement 4 (Levitating Objects). The kiwi pieces are the eyes, the strawberry is the nose, and the banana is the mouth (or maybe the mustache if the red disk is taken as the mouth). This was actually a combination of three HDR pictures. For camera settings, I used f/5.6, 30 mm focal length, ISO-640, and a shutter speed of 1/25 sec. for the middle exposure. I used a tripod, so I didn’t have to worry about hand shake.

For the background, I used the black dining table in my living room. I angled it this way with a chair on the right and the hallway on the left, since it is not too plain but also not too cluttered. Also, I shot in this direction so that the fruit could catch the natural light coming through the windows.

In Photoshop, I combined three HDR pictures, tweaked contrast, saturation, levels, etc.

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