Assignment 7: Night


Cristina Herrera: DSC_0702(color-as-pictorial).jpg


For this shot I put a glass cup with a pair of colorful candy canes arranged in a heart shape on top of a box I mounted on top of a stool and set them in front of our fridge where we have of bunch of word magnets. I didn’t want the candy canes to be in the dead center of the frame, but when I placed them to the side, the shot seemed unbalanced. I tried fixing this by arranging the magnets in the left into a heart that would form a darker looking tones on that side of the frame.

In Photoshop, I used the Magnetic Lasso and the Polygonal Lasso tool to select the candy canes (that got a bit challenging when tracing them though the glass) and then inverted my selection and lowered the saturation of the rest of the shot. The heart on the left symbolizes my love for words. I purposefully placed the word “lumiere” at the center of the heart on the right because “light” is what allows us to see the colors we see. It reminded me of how Sappho alludes to light in her poetry, praising it for allowing us to worship art. In worshiping art, we worship light.

Focal length: 26
F number: 9
Exposure time: 1/8

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