Assignment 7: Night


Kalina Jordanova: Laundry night


This photo satisfies the night architecture requirement since it is a photo of a city street at night. I was in Dubrovnik this week and saw this cool empty street with a clothesline hanging at the end of it. I liked the way the clothesline looked so I snapped this photo. I purposely kept the dark wall on the left in the image, since I like how it looks - I think it balances out some of the dark windows/doorways in the rest of the image. I like how there are a lot of objects in the photo as well, such as the trash on the left and the umbrella and chairs on the right - I think it gives a sense of people actually using this space.

I wanted everything to be in focus for this photo, so I used a small aperture and long shutter speed (2 seconds) to get the exposure right. I also had to set the ISO quite high to keep the shutter speed relatively fast, since I had people waiting for me to take the photo. I used a delay on the photo so that there was no motion blur from me taking the photo. In photoshop, I cropped the image and very slightly adjusted the exposure and clarity.

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