Assignment 8: Portraits


Brianna Kirby: 20140601_portrait_072.jpg


I took this photo of the 2yr old boy I nanny. He was pointing to his train toy outside the window and telling me about it. I took a series of shots of him, but I like how his finger is pointing in this one and how you can see the reflection of his eyes in the glass.

The incoming light from outside served as the key light for this image. While I did bring my white reflector with me, I deliberately chose not to use a fill light for this shot because I wanted the darker tones to the right of the composition. The natural light wraps nicely around Isaac's face keeping the main focus on his eyes and expression and allowing his hair and the bookshelf behind him to blend off the edge of the frame.

I know how wiggly Isaac can be so I set my ISO at 400 even though I was using daylight because I wanted to make sure that his movement wouldn't add motion blur to the shot. I used f/4.5 to distinctly focus in on his eyes and handheld this shot at 1/50s.

In post processing, I cropped out distracting elements from both sides of the photo and added a vignette to further emphasize Isaac as the subject of this image.

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