Assignment 8: Portraits


Tomas Forsyth Rosin: Cubism


For a long time, I've wanted to do a photo manipulation like this, and this requirement was really spot on - thanks for that! This is two photos taken from different angles and combined in Photoshop in this weird way. The hardest part of this image was the mouth, since it had to be both from the front and from the side, at the same time. The final result was better than I expected and I hope this will be his profile picture on Facebook from now on! I kept all of the shadow from the "front"-picture since it almost suggests the shape of the head from the side, while being the shadow from the other view. I had to remove a large, dark, square thing on the wall, though, since it was really disturbing. Other than that, and some brightness changes to match the two images, there is not much post processing done here, so you could say it's a pretty honest photo.

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