Raster displays

CS 248 - Introduction to Computer Graphics
Autumn Quarter, 2002
Marc Levoy
Lecture notes for Tuesday October 1

Table of contents:

I skipped inline systems (type 2) in class. Like delta-delta (type 1), they have been largely superceded by Trinitrons (below).
Note also that Trinitrons are usually not called shadow masks, although their aperture grill performs essentially the same function.
Press here for the Powerpoint slides I showed in class about triads and pixels (HTML or PPT or PDF). For now, ignore the rightmost two columns on the second slide. We'll talk about subpixel font rendering technology after we've covered rasterization and antialiasing; it will make more sense to you in a few weeks than it would now.

Section D requires an understanding of Fourier analysis, which we won't cover until Oct. 11, but in case you're interested...

I didn't have time to cover sections two and three (below) in class, but the concepts are simple and the notes are pretty self-explanatory.

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