Course schedule

CS 248 - Introduction to Computer Graphics
Autumn Quarter, 2004
Marc Levoy
Handout #2

Here is the current version of the course schedule. It will be updated as changes are made. In particular, lecture titles and project names will become clickable shortly after a lecture is given or a project assigned. Readings should be completed before the date on which they appear in the schedule. Readings that are not in your textbooks will generally be handed out in class on the date they appear below.

Date Lecture Coursework Reading
Tue Sep 28

Thu Sep 30

Introduction (or PPT or PDF )

Visual perception, raster displays


FvD 1, 4, 13.1

Tue Oct 5

Wed Oct 6

Thu Oct 7

Color theory, color spaces

A bit more on color,
sampling theory, aliasing

proj1 assigned

proj1 help

FvD 13.2-13.6

FvD 14.10

Tue Oct 12

Wed Oct 13

Thu Oct 14

Antialiasing methods

Rasterization algorithms

proj1 demos

proj1 writeup due

FvD 3.17.1-3.17.3

FvD 3.1-3.14

Tue Oct 19

Wed Oct 20

Thu Oct 21

Practical polygon antialiasing,
Digital compositing

2D geometric transformations

proj2 assigned

proj2 help

FvD 17.6,

FvD 5

Tue Oct 26

Wed Oct 27

Thu Oct 28

Fri Oct 29

3D geometric transformations

Image warping, texture mapping

proj2 demos

proj2 writeups due

midterm review

FvD 17.4,
[Heckbert], [Beier]

Mon Nov 1

Tue Nov 2

Wed Nov 3

Thu Nov 4

Fri Nov 5

Viewing I:
the wonders of perspective

Viewing II:
mathematics of perspective

Midterm, 7-9pm
Gates B01

proj3 assigned

proj3 help

OpenGL help

FvD 6
(skip 6.2,.3,.5.1-.5.3)

GL 1, 2, 3

GL Appendix D

Mon Nov 8

Tue Nov 9

Thu Nov 11  

Visibility I:
Z-buffer, graphics hardware

Visibility II:
scanline, area, list priority

proj3 proposal due

FvD 15.1-15.5

FvD 15.6-15.7

Tue Nov 16

Wed Nov 17

Thu Nov 18

Visibility III: ray tracing

Real-time programming

proj3 first crits

FvD 15.10-15.11,
MH 13, 14

GL 7, MH 8, 9

Tue Nov 23

Thu Nov 25  

Lighting I:
illumination, diffuse reflection

Thanksgiving - no class

FvD 16.1-16.3,
GL 5, 9
Tue Nov 30

Wed Dec 1

Thu Dec 2

Fri Dec 3

Lighting II:
generalized lighting models

Volume rendering,
image-based rendering (or PPT)

proj3 final demos,
game competition

proj3 writeup due,
final exam review

Mon Dec 6

Final exam, 3:30pm,
Gates B01

Readings: (*) starred entries will be handed out in class. For papers, if its title is displayed in your browser as a link, click on it to download the paper.

[BeierNeely] Beier, T., Neely, S., Feature-Based Image Metamorphosis ,
Computer Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH), 26:2, pp. 35-42, 1992. (*)
[Blinn16] Blinn, J., Chapter 16: Compositing - Theory,
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Sep 1994. (*)
reprinted from Jim Blinn's Corner: Dirty Pixels. (*)
[Blinn17] Blinn, J., Chapter 17: Compositing - Practice,
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Nov 1994. (*)
reprinted from Jim Blinn's Corner: Dirty Pixels. (*)
[FvD] Foley, van Dam, Feiner, and Hughes,
Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice,
second edition in C, Addison-Wesley.
Click here for errata
[Haeberli] Haeberli, P., Paint by numbers,
Computer Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH), 24:4, pp. 207-208, 1990. (*)
[Haeberli-Akeley] Haeberli, P., Akeley, K.,
The Accumulation Buffer: Hardware Support for High-Quality Rendering,
Computer Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH), 24:4, pp. 309-318, 1990.
[Heckbert] Heckbert, P., A Survey of Texture Mapping, (PDF of text, PDF of figures)
IEEE Computer Graphics, 6:11, pp. 56-67, 1986. (*)
[MH] Möller and Haines,
Real-Time Rendering,
second edition, A K Peters, 2002.
[GL] Shreiner, Woo, Neider, and Davis,
OpenGL Programming Guide
fourrth edition, Addison-Wesley.
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