Visual perception, raster displays

CS 248 - Introduction to Computer Graphics
Autumn Quarter, 2005
Marc Levoy
Lecture notes for Thursday September 29
(finished Thursday October 6)

Table of contents:

Note: There is more detail in these notes than I covered in my lecture today, mainly on the topic of CRTs. As I mentioned in class, I am gradually cutting back my coverage of that increasingly obsolete topic. You are not responsible (e.g. on the exams) for material I didn't cover in class. For most classes, the written notes will follow the lectures more closely.

Press here for the Powerpoint slides I showed in class about triads and pixels (HTML or PPT or PDF). For now, ignore the rightmost two columns on the second slide. We'll talk about subpixel font rendering technology after we've covered rasterization and antialiasing; it will make more sense to you in a few weeks than it would now.

Section D requires an understanding of Fourier analysis, which we won't cover until Oct. 6, but in case you're interested...

IV. So how many bits do we need per pixel?

Click here to see a demo of quantization levels.
Make sure you view this demo on a gamma-corrected monitor, as the instructions say.
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