Project 3 Demo Sign-Up Sheet, CS248 2007
Wednesday, November 14th, 2007.

This form is for scheduling demos for Project 3. Sign up for an empty slot by clicking on it and filling in your name. Only one person per team should sign up. Do not remove other students. All transactions are logged.

If you can't possibly make any of the slots available, or if there are no slots left, email the TAs.

Only SCPD students should sign up for the 5pm-6pm slots.

Demos will be conducted in Gates B08.

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Time Name:
Ryu Soo Woung
Michael Chung
Yuliya Sarkisyan
Wei Hsu, Michael Jin & Jingyang Xue
Salik Syed Justin Solomon Rahul Agarawal
Troy Brant
Simon Que
Belinda, Ed, Joel
Eric Lin
Jon Hsieh, Eric Karl, Kavin Mickey Asavanant
Hector Chan
Dalei Wang
Alex Medearis
Ushah & Raghu
Erik Nygren
abe davis, kilty mcgowan, andy yates
Eric Chen
Rajaraman Periasamy
Wilson Restrepo
Daniel Gibson, Kofi Ohene-Adu, Priyank Chodisetti
Young Min Kim
Fred Wulff, Yan Yan, Jeremy
Vincent Gire David Lissmyr
Matt Culbreth
Sean Meador
Arjun Dube and Hieu Ngyuen
Ben Nham, Isabelle Kim, Ray Thang
Johnny Wang
Miguel Sanchez
Eric Choi, Landry Huet, David Harju

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