CS 248 - Introduction to Computer Graphics

Autumn Quarter, 2007
Instructor: Kurt Akeley

Course Schedule

Here is the current version of the course schedule. It will be updated as changes are made. In particular, lecture titles and project names will become clickable shortly after a lecture is given or a project assigned. Readings should be completed before the date on which they appear in the schedule.
Tue, Sep 25Introduction
(ppt) (pdf)
Thu, Sep 27OpenGL
(ppt) (pdf)
Tue, Oct 2Sampling and Aliasing
(ppt) (pdf)
Project 1 assigned
Thu, Oct 4Pre-Filter Antialiasing
(ppt) (pdf)
  • FvD 3.17 Antialiasing
Tue, Oct 9Rasterization
(ppt) (pdf)
Project 1 source code submitted by 11:59pm
  • FvD 3.1-3.14 Rasterization
Wed, Oct 10Project 1 demos
Thu, Oct 11Multisample Antialiasing
(ppt) (pdf)
Project 1 write-up due (no write up due for this project)
Tue, Oct 162-D Transformations
(ppt) (pdf)
Project 2 assigned
Thu, Oct 183-D Transformations
(ppt) (pdf)
  • No reading assignment
Fri, Oct 19Project 2 help session, 4:15pm-5pm in Gates B03
Tue, Oct 23Viewing and Perspective
(ppt) (pdf)
Project 2 write up submitted by 11:59pm
  • FvD 6
  • OpenGL Chapter 3
Thu, Oct 25Texture Mapping
(ppt) (pdf)
Mon, Oct 29Midterm 7-9pm in Gates B01
Tue, Oct 30Modern Game Techniques (Andrew Adams)
(source code)
(ppt) (pdf)
Project 3 assigned
Thu, Nov 1Illumination and Direct Reflection
(ppt) (pdf)
  • FvD 16.7
Mon, Nov 5Project 3 proposal due
Tue, Nov 6Z-buffer
(ppt) (pdf)
  • FvD 15.1-15.5
Thu, Nov 8Graphics Hardware
(ppt) (pdf)
  • David Blythe, Rise of the Graphics Processor. This paper will be emailed to the class. Please do not distribute.
Tue, Nov 13Graphics Performance, Debugging and Optimisation (Guest Speaker: Dave Oldcorn, AMD)
(ppt) (pdf)
  • OpenGL 2.1 specification sections 2.8 and 2.9
Wed, Nov 14Project 3 first critiques
Thu, Nov 15Clever Uses of OpenGL
(ppt) (pdf)
Tue, Nov 20Thanksgiving
Thu, Nov 22Thanksgiving
Tue, Nov 27Color Theory
(ppt) (pdf)
Thu, Nov 29Perception
(ppt) (pdf)
Tue, Dec 4Computational Photography (Guest speaker: Marc Levoy)
Wed, Dec 5Project 3 competition
Thu, Dec 6Focus Cues
(ppt) (pdf)
Fri, Dec 7Project 3 write-up due
Thu, Dec 13Final 7-10pm

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