CS 248: Introduction to Computer Graphics

Pat Hanrahan

Assignment 2 Tests

We have made all of the tests that we ran on your code available for you to run yourself. To run the tests, cd in to the directory where your viewer resides. Then, type the following:

ln -s /usr/class/cs248/assignments/assignment2/tests .

Then, simply run tests/testx1, substituting the letter/number of the test for x1 for each of the other tests. The tests themselves are just shell scripts that start your viewer in various configurations -- you can read them to see exactly what they do. To see the correct output, run the tests using the sample viewer. To do this, simply run the commands that each of the tests do, but replace ./viewer with ./sample_viewer.

If you have comments on the grading of your assignment, please see the appropriate TA during his office hours.


Copyright © 1996 Pat Hanrahan