We make a variety of content available to you to use with this assignment. This document describes the content we have assembled and gives you some information about how to make your own content if you wish to do so.



We provide you with a variety of images and animations for this assignment. Images are all stored in TIFF format; to view the images, use the xv or display program. The animations are in QuickTime format and can be viewed on SGIs with movieplayer.

 See the directory /usr/class/cs248/assignments/assignment2/content for what we have made available.


Making your own

If you wish, you can try making your own images or movies and using them in the video editor. Images must be in TIFF format; you can covert other formats to TIFF using xv. Just load the images with xv, press the right mouse button over the image (which will bring up a new window), and choose save in the controls window. Select TIFF format and save the image.

 Converting animations is more difficult; read the man pages for dmconvert and moviemaker.

 If you have a sequence on a videotape you would like to use, send mail to cs248@graphics and tell us what you have in mind. If not too many people have videos, we may be able to convert them with video equipment in the graphics lab.


CS248: Introduction to Computer Graphics, Pat Hanrahan, Winter 98