Seasons of War is a 3D head-to-head tank combat simulation where players fight it out over the course of a day. The sun rises in the east when the players first start out and sets in west at the end of play. Also, players can choose in which terrain and season to do combat. Each season has its own environment and landscape; snow in the winter, rain in the spring, falling leaves in the autumn and clear skies in the summer. Each player has a full arsenal of weapons including diggers, dirt cannons, rockets, shells and earthquake. Not only is damage done to the opponent when hit, but unlike most games, the terrain also takes damage. The different projectiles can scar, burn, dig and build piles of dirt or any combination of these effects.

Seasons of War was developed in 5 and a half weeks as part of Stanford University's CS248 : Introduction to Computer Graphics. The final project of this class is to build a video game using the techniques learned during the quarter which is then entered in the CS248 Video Game Competition. There were about 80 video games submitted by teams of up to three undergraduate or graduate students. Seasons of War was this year's Grand Prize Winner.

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W wAccelerate Forward
S s X xAccelerate Backward
A aTurn Left
D dTurn Right
Enter/ReturnLay Mine
Up ArrowCannon Motion
Down ArrowCannon Motion
Q q { [ _ -Previous Weapon
E e } ] + =Next Weapon
F1-F4Camera Control


The meter on the left side of the screen tells how much Firepower is currently available. If this meter is below the required amount of Firepower for the currently selected projectile, the player will not be able to fire until the meter fills up again. Different projectiles require different amounts of Firepower.


The icon just below the Firepower meter represents the weapon which is currently selected. A mine can be laid at any time by pressing the Enter/Return key. The following is the list of available weapons:


The Health meter appears as a red cross on the back of the player's tank. As the player takes damage the meter will decrease and the player's tank will deform based on that damage.

Targeting Crosshair

The Targeting Crosshair appears as a spinning circle on the ground. The Crosshair hovers over the exact point that would be hit if the player fired a projectile at that instant.


In addition to human opponents playing over the network, Pillboxes will be attacking the player from some of the terrain's hilltops. Try digging a hole for them.