Hovertank is a fast-paced, violent, carnage-intensive multiplayer-only hovertank-combat game. It was designed to be simple to setup, simple to play, and to be fun-inducing in a very short time span. It was also intended to be a complete game with an included intro, intuitive menu system, easy server hosting / joining capabilities, and in-game chat (taunt).

Hovertank was created in about 3.5 weeks for the final project of Stanford University's CS248 - Introduction to Computer Graphics. Accompanying the submissions of the final projects, a video game competition was held among the class entries. Hovertank placed 3rd in this years contest.

The code consists of approximately 17500 lines of code of which about 6000 was not written by me -- either external libraries / header or automatically generated for the models.

System Requirements:

An MS Windows PC with DirectX 8.1 or greater installed
A 3D accelerated video card, GeForce256 or faster recommended
A network connection and friends to destroy
Sound card for sound
Software Requirements:
glut32.dll (not included in source)
bass.dll (included)

See the README file for details on advanced features and credits. Credits are also included in the program.