Siege of Troy

Imagine Warcraft III in full 3D. The setting: the ancient city of Troy. The Greeks attack the city; the Trojans defend it. You, yourself, are the hero. You command vast armies of various types of units--archers, swordsmen, catapults, battering rams, dragons, goblins, etc. The gods grant you new spells, and you use them to crush your enemies.

It's a first-person and a third-person RPG at the same time.

You can download Siege of Troy for x86 Linux (6.7 MB, no music).

Here is the MacOS X version of Siege of Troy (5.6 MB, no music).

The Linux version has OpenAL compiled into it. The MacOS X version requires you to install OpenAL before running it (see Also, the MacOS X and Linux versions do not network together (although you can play MacOS X vs. MacOS X, or Linux vs. Linux). This may be resolved at some point in the future if anyone cares (which I doubt).



Older screenshots:
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