Course Information


Virtual Places


Leonidas Guibas
Rm. 374 Gates Computer Science Building
(650) 723-0304
Office hours: 1:30-2:30pm, Tu/Th

Teaching Assistant

Ravi Ramamoorthi
Rm. 270 Gates Computer Science Building
(650) 723-3380
Office hours: 2:30-4:00pm, Mon and Fri, in Gates 270


Mina Madrigal
Rm. 146 Gates Computer Science Building
(650) 723-4137



Homework Policies

CS348a is a highly technical course, so doing the homework is the only way to acquire a working knowledge of the material presented. We encourage you strongly to start working on the homework problems right away---the problems to be given have considerable technical depth and you are unlikely to be able to solve them if you wait until the evening before the due date. Collaboration in solving the problems is encouraged in this class---you have a lot to learn from your fellow students. However, in order to make grading the homeworks a meaningful way to measure your effort and your understanding of the material, we must put some restrictions:

It is very important in this course that every homework be turned in on time. We recognize that occasionally there are circumstances beyond your control that prevent an assignment from being completed on time. You will be allowed two classes of grace during the quarter. This means that you can either hand in two assignments each late by one class, or one assignment late by two classes. Any further assignments handed in late will be penalized by 20% for each class that they are late, unless special arrangements have been made previously with the instructor or the TA.