Tentative Schedule

Tue, Jan. 5 Administrivia. Course Outline and Mechanics; Notations for Points, Vectors, and Transformations. Homogeneous Coordinates; Transformations, and Matrices.
Thu, Jan. 7 Affine and Projective Geometries.
Tue, Jan. 12 Rotations via Quaternions. Homework 1 out.
Thu, Jan. 14 Polynomial Interpolation and Elimination.
Tue, Jan. 19 Issues in Shape Modeling; Parametric and Implicit Representations of Curves and Surfaces.
Thu, Jan. 21 Classification of the Parametric Cubics.
Tue, Jan. 26 The Polar Forms of Polynomial Curves; the Bezier Control Points; the de Casteljau Subdivision Algorithm. Homework 1 due; Homework 2 out.
Thu, Jan. 28 Continuity Constraints for Polynomial Arcs; Splines.
Tue, Feb. 2 Splined Curves: B-Splines and Others.
Thu, Feb. 4 Rational Curves.
Tue, Feb. 9 Tensor-Product and Total-Degree Surfaces. Homework 2 due; Homework 3 out.
Thu, Feb. 11 Solid Modeling and Boundary Representations for Solids.
Tue, Feb. 16 Binary-Space-Partition (BSP) Trees.
Thu, Feb. 18 Other Hierarchical Representations for Surfaces and Solids.
Tue, Feb. 23 Surface Simplification. Homework 3 due; Project (Homework 4) out.
Thu, Feb. 25 Scattered 3-D Data Interpolation.
Tue, Mar. 2 Visibility and Visibility Orderings. Class contribution due.
Thu, Mar. 4 Hidden Surface Removal Algorithms.
Tue, Mar. 9 Algorithms for the Intersection of Geometric Objects. Project due.
Thu, Mar. 11 Discussion of projects and student contributions.
Thu, Mar. 18 Final Examination.