CS 348B - Computer Graphics: Image Synthesis Techniques

Homework 1 - Introduction to PBRT


Assigned Thursday, April 1.   Due Thursday, April 8


This assignment will introduce you to using pbrt and simple modelling tools.

Step 1: Install pbrt 

Instructions are on the pbrt install page.  

Step 2: Render a test scene

Once you have successfully compiled pbrt and set the environment variables, you can try rendering some images.  

Step 3: Readings from the pbrt textbook

Our pre-publication copy book is hot off the press from the publisher.  We have permission only to distribute hard copies, which will be available by Tuesday, April 6.  We apologize for the delay, and ask you to plan ahead to do the readings when the books arrive.

Read the first 1-3 chapters of the pbrt book. Answer the following questions (one word or one line answers suffice):

  1. What physical quantity do we measure along a ray?
  2. What pbrt class is used to describe the reflection of light at a point?
  3. How are vectors and normals treated differently?
  4. What's the difference between 'Intersect' and 'IntersectP'?
  5. How is the information about intersection between a ray and a shape represented in pbrt?
  6. What kind of coordinates are used to parameterize a triangle?

Step 4: Submission


In all the homeworks for this class we will evaluate your work by browsing web page write-ups.  Create a "Homework 1" web page somewhere (for instance, under the www directory of your leland account).  Include the following and no more, please:


1.  Your killeroo image, so that it can be seen in a browser.

2.  The answers to the pbrt review questions from step 3.  


Mail the URL for your web page to cs348b-spr0304-staff@lists.stanford.edu.


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