Project 2 Help Session

CS 348B - Computer Graphics: Image Synthesis Techniques
Spring Quarter, 1997
Mark Levoy


Assignment overview

Project 2 Requirements

Acceleration Techniques (Overview)

This is just an outline of the material in Chapter 6 of Glassner's raytracing book, "A Survey of Ray Tracing Acceleration Techniques," by James Arvo and David Kirk.

Major Acceleration Techniques

These techniques can change the asymptotic order of your program, and give huge savings for large scenes.

Moderate Acceleration Techniques

These are techniques that can greatly improve a raytracer under certain conditions. However, they have only limited applicability to project 2, where we're already optimizing intersections, and only casting one ray per pixel.

Minor Acceleration Techniques

These techniques only change the running time by a constant factor, but many are easy to implement.

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