Texture Synthesis

CS 348B - Computer Graphics: Image Synthesis Techniques
Spring Quarter, 1997
(TA) Lucas Pereira
Lecture notes for Tuesday, April 29
Handout #20

Texture Synthesis


Review: Texture framework

Types of Texture:

Store or Compute?

In-Depth Examples:

An Image Synthesizer
Ken Perlin
Siggraph 1985

PSE: "Pixel Stream Editor"
  • Example:
    	color = white * Noise(point)
  • Fancier example:
    	function boring_marble(point)
    		x = point[1]
    		return marble_color(sin(x))
  • Even fancier example: (EFE)
    	function marble(point)
    		x = point[1] + turbulence(point)
    		return marble_color(sin(x))

    A Cellular Texture Basis Function
    Steven Worley
    Siggraph 1996

    Pyramid-Based Texture Analysis/Synthesis
    David Heeger & James Bergen
    Siggraph 1995

    Generating Textures on Arbitrary Surfaces Using Reaction-Diffusion
    Greg Turk
    Siggraph 1991

    Flow and Changes in Appearance
    Julie Dorsey et. al.
    Siggraph 1996

    Cellular Texture Generation
    Kurt W Fleischer et. al.
    Siggraph 1995

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