CS348b Final Project

Robert Lin and Shari Petersen

This photograph shows all the lighting effects that we are trying to implement in our final project. Caustics are clearly evident on the skins of the manatee. The addition of bumps on the muzzle and creases on the neck and fins can be modeled but would be easily simulated with the appropriate bump map. In addition there is alot of light scatter in the image although we probably won't attempt an accurate recreation of this effect.

The project will be broken up into 2 pieces for independent implementation by me and Shari. Part 1 will be the caustics created by light through the water. Part 2 will be the implentation of bump mapping.

The project files.

First of several tries at a decent caustic producing heightfield on highly simplified models.

Problems: No models, no intersect testing, no shadows.

First insert of manatee models into the scene.

Problems: Undefined materials, periodic caustics, bad lighting, no light scattering.

Manatee model with texture map representing bumps.

Bump map applied.

First addition of bumped manatees and bump floor.

Caustic floor with atmospheric fade into the background color after several dozen tweaks of the caustic surface to get acceptable caustic patterns.

Early merge of both components. Problems:Several black/white pixel problems noted and not enough light intensity to clearly light caustics on backs of manatees. Increasing light intensity creates a bleached floor.

Pixel fix. Higher intensity of caustics and addition of intensity loss due to scattering. This is the image used in the competition.

Problem: Too much scattering creates caustics with near 0 power when hitting the floor.

Shari Petersen

Robert Lin