Philip Engstrom - qrz@stanford.edu

Oren Feinstein - feinstei@stanford.edu


For the final project I, Philip Engstrom, have teamed up with Oren Feinstein. Our proposal is to render an image of a levitating object surrounded by fog and lightning. The goal is to render an image similar to the one above, but with some realistic lightning bolts striking the object.

Perhaps we will decide to replace the cube with a more advanced object, like the Audi TT model in pbrt, but we want to aim at getting this basic scene functioning first.

The reason for choosing this particular scene is that it is very simple to model, but still challenging when it comes to the rendering aspect. Since we want to spend our time on the algorithms instead of on the modeling it seems like a reasonable scene.

The idea is that as soon as the basic scene is done, I (Philip) will mainly focus on the fog, since I am very interested in volume rendering, while Oren will mainly focus on the lightning, of course we will help each other out if needed. Also this subdivision is based on the assumption that the two problems are equally difficult, should this not be the case we would have to split the work differently.

When we have the fog and lightning working in separate files we will merge our solutions.