CS 348C Project Writeup

CS 348C - Modeling in Computer Graphics
Fall quarter, 1995
Coordinator: Apostolos Lerios

The project writeup is a pair of documents that together describe a student project, including the project goal, simulation method and results, lessons learned and problems encountered. It has two parts:

WWW document

The WWW document addresses the same issues as the project presentation, in the same high-level manner. This document is posted on the class WWW pages, and is intended for a general audience which is expected to contact the authors for technical details. Hence, the emphasis is on the simulation results, with a broad overview of technical details. This document takes advantage of the multimedia capabilities of the WWW, possibly providing items such as The WWW document comprises a collection of interconnected multimedia files that are electronically submitted. To this end, students follow the instructions in the file
on the Sweet Hall machines.

Since basic HTML can be very easily learned following an on-line tutorial, students submit complete HTML files. However, it is hard to master the intricacies of image format conversion, thumbnail creation, and MPEG movie generation. Hence, students may submit collections of still images in any (commercial) format they wish, and provide dummy HTML tags of the form

<Put image "plane.ppm" here>
<Put movie "crash/*.tif" here>
in their HTML files; the course coordinator will handle the format conversions.

Printed document

The printed document is intended for the course coordinator. It outlines in at most two pages the technical background of the simulation method, including
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