Readings for CS448: Real-Time Shading

Papers and articles available on the web will not be handed out in class. Pointers to the online versions of papers are included by the reference. You are expected to download and print these papers yourselves. One reason for doing this is that many graphics papers contain pictures that do not reproduce well when copied. The ACM and IEEE Digital Libraries are now available online for Stanford students.

Readings not available online will be handed out in class. They will also be available in the CS448 course handout cabinet in Gates Rm 377 (the copy room in the graphics wing 3B).


Mar 29 Introduction

Chapter 14 from Watt and Watt, Advanced Rendering and Animation Techniques (handout).

Apr 3 RenderMan Shading Language

Apr 15 -- Current real-time shading systems

May 3 -- Hardware for real-time programmable shading