CS448 - Experiments in Digital Television FAQ

How to Create Video for DTV Broadcast

1. How do I run the TestDec demo?
Execute C:\dtv_public\receiver\bin\testdec.exe
For fish demo:
    Choose "Select File" from the dialog box, and select C:\dtv_public\content\nab480i.ts
    Make sure VideoPID is 0x31
    Disable Audio (or invite crash mode)
    Press Play Button

For 3D Studio Max demo:
    Choose cafeww32.ts (due to this file's size, this file is only on machine DTV 1)
    Make sure VideoPID is 0x41
    Disable audio
    Press Play Button

2. When I choose to go live, nothing happens (or complains something, or ... )
There is no DTV signal since the DTV antenna is in the process of getting installed.

3. What does the various Microsoft Visual C++ (VC) file types mean ?

  • dsw    ->    Project Workspace, click this file to start VC
  • dsp    ->     Project File : like unix's makefile
  • ncb    ->    you don't need to know
  • opt    ->    you also don't need to know
  • plg    ->    you still don't need to know, these three files are automatically generated by VC  from .dsw and .dsp files.
  •     VC manages all these files, you NEVER modify them yourself.  Click a .dsw file, Windows launches VC, and you do all your programming, debugging, and execution from there.  VC stores the path information inside the project workspace.  Executing a program within VC will use VC's path, while executing a program outside of VC will use the Windows's path.

    4. VC complains that it "Cannot open include file: 'gl.h'"
    Add "Program Files\DevStudio\VC\include\gl" into your include search path.  You should set this in VC->Tools->Options->Directories.  This will apply to all projects.

    5. DirectX is not linking or compiling correctly.
        In VC->Tools->Options->Directories, make sure \dxsdk\sdk\inc is the first on the list.  Do the same thing for library files.    DirectX5 redefines some stuff in DevStudio.  The order you see in the dialog box is the order VC will search for include/lib files, it will use the first name that matches.

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