Readings for CS448a: Experiments in Digital Television

Readings available on the web will not be handed out in class. Please read the articles before class.

History of Television


Tube: The Invention of Television, David E. Fisher and Marshall J. Fisher. Harcourt Brace, 1996.

Defining Vision: The Battle for the Future of Television, Joel Brinkley, Harcourt Brace, 1997.

Basic Television Technology


Jim Blinn, Dirty Pixels, Morgan Kaufman, Ch. 13, NTSC: Nice Technology, Super Color, 1998. 

John Wiseman, An introduction to MPEG video compression.

Charles Poynton, Digital Video: Algorithms and Interfaces, SIGGRAPH Course 43, 1998.

Charles Poynton, Digital Video: Motion JPEG, MPEG-2, DVC and DVD, SIGGRAPH Course 44, 1998.


Charles A. Poynton, A Technical Introduction to Digital Video, John Wiley, 1996.

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A. Muralt Tekalp, Digital Video  Processing, Prentice Hall, 1995.

Jim Blinn, Dirty Pixels, Morgan Kaufman, Ch. 8, The Wonderful World of Video, 1998. 

Jim Blinn, Dirty Pixels, Morgan Kaufman, Ch. 11, The World of Digital Video, 1998. 



Stefano Battista, Franco Casalino, Claudio Lande, MPEG-4: A Multimedia Standard for the Third Millenium, Part 1, IEEE Multimedia, pp. 74-93, Oct-Dec 1999. [pdf].


Tutorial Issue on the MPEG-4 Standard, Image Communication Journal, 1999. [Online table of contents]

Touradj Ebrahimi and Caspar Horne, MPEG-4 Natural Video Coding - An Overview, Image Communication Journal, 1999. [html]

A. Murat Tekalp and Jorn Ostermann, Face and 2-D Mesh Animation in MPEG-4, Image Communication Journal, 1999. [html]

MPEG-4 Overview [html]



Introduction to ATSC data broadcasting specification
Overiew of ATSC data broadcasting specification

Image-Based Modeling and Rendering

P. Debevec, C. Taylor, J. Malik, FACADE: Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs, SIGGRAPH 96, [pdf][project page]

M. Levoy, P. Hanrahan, Light field rendering, SIGGRAPH 96, [ps.gz][project page]

S. E. Chen, L. Williams, View Interpolation for Image Synthesis, SIGGRAPH 93 [acm pdf]

S. E. Chen, QuickTime VR - An image-based approach to virtual environment navigation [acm pdf]


C. Bregler, M. Cohen, P. Debevec, L. McMillan, F. Sillion, R. Szeliski, Image-Based Modeling and Rendering, SIGGRAPH 1999 Course Notes, [course page]