CS448a: Experiments in Digital Television

Tentative Schedule

Jan 5: Organizational Meeting
Jan 10: History of TV and Possibilities of DTV (Pat & Serge)
History of TV
Future Vision of TV
Jan 12: Standards (Pat)
Basic Television Technology
Formats, Aspect Ratios, and Interlacing
Analog and Digital Standards
Principles of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2
Jan 17: Martin Luther King Day (no classes)
Jan 19: MPEG-4 (Pat)
Overview of MPEG-4 Visual Coding and Systems
Layered video
Structured video
Meshed video
Jan 24: DTV Infrastructure: from standards to startups (Milton)
Jan 24: CDI and KICU digital television station tour
Jan 26: Project Brainstorming (All)
Linux OpenSource DTV Receiver
Image-Based Rendering Extensions: Video Panoramas, Transmission of 3D Environments
Distributed Classrooms and Lecture of the Future
Jan 31: Datacasting, Web-based TV enhancements (Serge)
Feb 2: Image-Based Rendering (Pat)
Feb 4: Project Proposals Due
Feb 7: Projects Design Review 1
Feb 9: Projects Design Review II
Feb 14: Project Working Group Meetings
Feb 16: Debate: Will TV become interactive?
Pro: yes
Xin, Jie, Max, Feng
Con: no
Jim, Nathan, Svetoslav
Feb 21: President's Day (no classes)
Feb 23: Debate: Will television and computers converge or diverge?
Pro: converge
Calvin, Shrish, Seeman, Chen Li
Con: diverge
Ben, Ephraim, Derek
Feb 28: Speaker
Mar 1: Debate: Will 2-way broadband infrastructure eliminate wireless broadcast?
Pro: 2-way broadband will take over
Yu Ping, Colin, Kigen
Con: wireless broadcast will survive and flourish
Rama, David, Bryan
Mar 3: Final Deliverables Due
Mar 6: Speaker
Mar 8: Project Working Group Meetings
Mar 17: Final Project Demonstrations 3
Transmission from KICU/INTEL