CS 448A - Topics in Computer Graphics

Digital photography and image-based rendering

Class schedule

(Note that the lecture notes are only readable from Stanford addresses.)

Tue, April 2 Introduction ( Marc and Steve)
Thu, April 4 Light and photography (Marc)
Digital photography technologies
Tue, April 9 Image sensors (Steve)
Thu, April 11 Optics for photography (Steve)
Tue, April 16 Camera designs and features (Marc) project proposals due
Computational imaging I: high-X imaging
Thu, April 18 High resolution, super-resolution (Marc)
Tue, April 23 High dynamic range, extended depth of field (Steve) proposal conferences (4-6pm)
Thu, April 25 Digital camera systems (Steve) proposal conferences (4-6pm)
Current research topics, part 1
Tue, April 30

Student presentations of research papers
( Mike Houston, Farhan Zaidi, Irfan Zaidi)
Thu, May 2

More student presentations of research papers
( Leslie Ikemoto, Monica Goyal, Dzintars Avots)
Tue, May 7 Debate #1: will digital photography replace film?
Computational imaging II: multi-perspectives
Thu, May 9 Panoramas, omnidirectional imaging (Steve)
Tue, May 14 Camera calibration and tracking (Steve) project critiques (4-6pm)
Image-based rendering
Thu, May 16 Light fields (Marc) (PPT or HTML) project critiques (4-6pm)
Tue, May 21 Image-based rendering (Marc) (PPT or HTML)
Current research topics, part 2
Thu, May 23

Student presentations of research papers
( Vaibhav Vaish, Gaurav Garg, Jason Anderson)
Tue, May 28

More student presentations of research papers
( Georg Petschnigg, Jonathan Ragan-Kelley, Billy Chen)
Thu, May 30 Debate #2: will IBR take over computer graphics?
Tue, June 4 Project presentations (2:45pm - 5:00pm)

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