Readings for CS448: Interactive Workspaces

This is a tentative list of readings. Readings available on the web will not be handed out in class. Please read the articles before class.

If you find additional readings and browsable material that you think would be useful to others in the class, please send email to and we will add it to this list.

Overview and Vision


M Weiser, The Computer for the 21st Century, Scientific American, 265(30), pp. 94-104, 1991[html]

M Weiser,  Some Computer Science Issues in Ubiquitous Computing, CACM, 1993 [html]

Streitz, N.A.,  Geißler, J., and Holmer, T., Roomware for Cooperative Buildings: Integrated Design of Architectural Spaces and Information Spaces. In: N. Streitz, S. Konomi, H. Burkhardt (eds.), Cooperative Buildings - Integrating Information, Organization, and Architecture. Proceedings of CoBuild '98, Darmstadt, Germany. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1370. Springer: Heidelberg, 1998, pp. 4-21. [pdf]

Background and Browsables

Cooperative Buildings: Integrating Information, Organization and Architecture, First International Workshop, CoBuild 98, Darmstadt, Germany, February, 1998. Ed. N. Streitz, S. Konomi, H-J. Burkhardt. [CoBuild98]

Cooperative Buildings: Integrating Information, Organization and Architecture, Second International Workshop, CoBuild 98, Pittsburgh, February, 1999. [CoBuild99]

S. Pentland, Smart Rooms, Scientific American, 274(4), pp. 68-76, April 1996.

The New EasyLiving Project at Microsoft Research, Joint DARPA/NIST Smart Spaces Workshop, July 30-31, 1998, Gathersburg, MD. [EasyLiving Project][doc]

Multi-Modal Interaction


R. Bolt, "Put-That-There": Voice and Gesture at the Graphics Interface, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 80 (Seattle, WA), In Computer Graphics Proceedings, Annual Conference Series, 1980, ACM SIGGRAPH, pp. 262-270.

Andy Van Dam, Post-Wimp User Interfaces: the Human Connection, Communications of the ACM 40(2) (1997). [acm pdf][pdf][txt]

J. Rekimoto, Pick-and-Drop: A Direct Manipulation Interface for Multiple Computer Environments, Proc. of UIST '97, pp. 31-39, 1997.[pdf]

Ishii, H. and Ullmer, B., Tangible Bits: Towards Seamless Interfaces between People, Bits and Atoms, in Proceedings of Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '97), (Atlanta, March 1997), ACM Press, pp. 234-241[html][pdf]

Cohen, P.R., McGee, D., Oviatt, S.L., Wu, L., Clow, J., King, R., Julier, S., Rosenblum, L. Multimodal
Interactions for 2D and 3D Environments, IEEE Computer Graphics and
Applications, July/August 1999, pp.10-13. [pdf]

Background and Browsables

David Goldberg and Cate Richardson, Touch-typing with a stylus,  Pages 80-87, [pdf]

G. Fitzmaurice, H. Ishii, W. Buxton, Laying the Foundation for Graspable User Interfaces, Proceedings of CHI '95, pp. 442-449.

K. Hinckley, R. Pausch, J. Goble, N. Kassel, Passive Real-World  Interface Props for Neurosurgical Visualization, Proceedings of CHI '94, pp. 442-458, 1994.

Morten Fjeld et al., Exploring Brick-based camera control, HCI International '99

F. Wilhelm Bruns, Integrated Real and Virtual Prototyping, IECON'98



Mark Stefik et al., WYSIWIS Revised: Early Experience with Multiuser Interfaces, ACM Transactions on Office Information Systems, April 1987, 147-167. [pdf].

N.A. Streitz,  Jörg Geißler, Jörg M. Haake,  J. Hol, DOLPHIN: Integrated Meeting Support across LiveBoards, Local and Remote Desktop Environments. In: Proceedings of the 1994 ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW'94), pp. 345-358, Chapel Hill, N.C., October 22-26, 1994 [pdf].

"Collaboration Using Multiple PDAs Connected to a PC," Brad A. Myers, Herb Stiel, and Robert Gargiulo. Proceedings CSCW'98: ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, November 14-18, 1998, Seattle, WA. pp. 285-294. [pdf].

Nunamaker et al., Lessons from a Dozen Years of Group Support Systems Research: A Discussion of Lab and Field Findings [MS Word]

Background and Browsables

Mark Stefik et al., Beyond the Chalkboard, CACM 1987, 32-47. [acm pdf]

L. M. Covi, J. S. Olsen, E. Rocco, W. J. Miller, P. Allie, A Room of Your Own: What do We Learn about Support of Teamwork from Assessing Teams in Dedicated Project Rooms, In: N. Streitz, S. Konomi, H. Burkhardt (eds.), Cooperative Buildings - Integrating Information, Organization, and Architecture. Proceedings of CoBuild '98, Darmstadt, Germany. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1370. Springer: Heidelberg, 1998, pp. 53-65..

Eric Bier and S. Freeman, MMM: A user interface architecture for shared editors on a single screen, pp. 79-86, UIST 91. [acm pdf]

Tables and Desks


P. Wellner, Interacting with Paper on the Digital Desk, CACM 36(7), pp. 86-96, 1993.[acm pdf]

W. Krueger, C. Bohn, B. Froehlich, H. Schulth, W. Strauss, G. Weshke, The Responsive Workbench: A Virtual Work Environment, IEEE Computer, 28(7), pp. 42-48, 1995. [Stanford Responsive Workbench Project]

Underkoffler, J. and Ishii, H., Illuminating Light: An Optical Design Tool with a Luminous-Tangible Interface, in Proceedings of Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '98), (Los Angeles, April 1998), ACM Press, pp. 542-549 [pdf]

Background and Browsables

William Newman and Pierre Wellner, A desk supporting computer-based interaction with paper documents
pp. 587-592. [acm pdf]

Marek Czernuszenko, Dave Pape, Daniel Sandin, Tom DeFanti, Gregory L. Dawe, Maxine D. Brown, The ImmersaDesk and Infinity Wall Projection-Based Virtual Reality, May 1997 issue of Computer Graphics. [html]

Forsberg, A.S., LaViola, J.J., and Zeleznik, R.C. "ErgoDesk: A Framework for Two- and Three-Dimensional Interaction at the ActiveDesk", Proceedings of the Second International Immersive Projection Technology Workshop, Ames, Iowa, May 11-12, 1998.[pdf]

Ullmer, B. and Ishii, H., The metaDESK: Models and Prototypes for Tangible User Interfaces, in Proceedings of Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST '97), (Banff, Alberta, Canada, October, 1997), ACM Press, pp. 223-232. [pdf]

M. Kobayashi, H. Koike, EnhancedDesk: Integrating Paper Documents and Digital Documents,

Products and Projects

SGI Reality Center Desk

Fakespace Workbench

Pyramid ImmersaDesk [ImmersaDesk paper (html)]


Input Technologies, Inc (ITI) VisionMaker Digital Desk

MIT/RLE Virtual Workbench

Walls and Whiteboards


S. Elrod, R. Bruce, R. Gold, D. Goldberg, F. Halasz, W. Janssen, D. Lee, K. McCall, E. Pedersen, K. Pier, J. Tang, B. Welch, LiveBoard: A Large Interactive Display Supporting Group Meetings, Presentations and Remote Collaboration, CHI '92, pp. 599-607, 1992. [acm pdf][Review]

E. Pedersen, K. McCall, T. Moran, F. Halasz, Tivoli: An Electronic Whiteboard for Informal Group Meetings, InterCHI '93, pp. 391-398, 1993. [acm pdf]

G. Humphreys, P, Hanrahan, A Distributed Graphics System for Large Tiled Displays, to appear in Visualization '99. [pdf]

Background and Browsables

Jun Rekimoto and Nobuyuki Matsushita, "Perceptual Surfaces: Towards a Human and Object Sensitive Interactive Display", Workshop on Perceptural User Interfaces (PUI'97), 1997.[acm pdf][Project Page]

J. Rekimoto, M. Saitoh, Augmented Surfaces: A Spatially Continuous Workspace for Hybrid Computing Environments, Proceedings of CHI 99, 1999. [pdf][Project Page]

T. Moran, P. Chiu, W. van Melle, Pen-Based Interaction Techniques for Organizing Material on an Electronic Whiteboard, UIST '97, pp. 45-54, 1997. [pdf]

Q. Stafford-Fraser, P. Robinson, BrightBoard: A Video-Augmented Environment. [acm pdf]

Eric Saund, Bringing the marks on a whiteboard to electronic life. [ZombieBoard]


Data Wall, MIT Media Lab

DataWall, Rome Labs

PowerWall, University of Minnesota

InfinityWall, NCSA

Display Wall, Princeton


Panoram Technologies, makers of the PanoWall, Direct View Desktop Display, as well as large curved screen front and rear projection systems.

Trimension, makers of the Reality Room,, V-Desk8 (wall), V-DOME (including for the Hayden Planetarium)

Smart Technoligies, maker of the SmartBoard Projection Display and Matisse Plasma Panel Touch Panel



C. Cruz-Neira, D. Sandin, T. Defanti, Surround-Screen Projection-Based Virtual Reality: The Design and Implementation of the CAVE, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 93, In Computer Graphics Proceedings, Annual Conference Series, 1993, ACM SIGGRAPH, pp. 193-202.[html]

R. Raskar. G. Welch, M. Cutts, A. Lake, L. Stesin, H. Fuchs, The Office of the Future: A Unified Approach to Image-Based Modeling and Sptially Immersive Displays, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 98 (Orlando, FL, July 19-24, 1998), In Computer Graphics Proceedings, Annual Conference Series, 1998, ACM SIGGRAPH, pp. 179-188.[pdf]

N. Streitz, J. Geissler, T. Holmer, S. Konomi, C. Muller-Tomfelde, W. Reischl, P. Rexroth, P. Seitz, R. Steinmetz, i-LAND: An Interactive Landscape for Creativity and Innovation, Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 99), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., May 15-20, 1999, ACM Press, New York, pp. 120-127. [Ambiete Project Page][pdf]

Background and Browsables

M. Black, F. Berard, A. Jepson, W. Newman, E. Saund, G. Socher, M. Taylor, The Digital Office: Overview, AAAI Spring Symposium on Intelligent Environments, Stanford, CA, March, 1998, pp. 1-6. [ps]

Underkoffler, J., Ullmer, B., and Ishii, H., Emancipated Pixels: Real-World Graphics In The Luminous Room , in Proceedings of SIGGRAPH '99, (Los Angeles, California USA, August 8-13, 1999), ACM Press, pp. 385-392.[pdf]

Products and Projects

Fakespace CAVE


Distributed Systems Infrastructure


The MultiSpace: an Evolutionary Platform for Infrastructural Services, by Steven D. Gribble, Matt Welsh, Eric A. Brewer, and David Culler. To appear, Proceedings of the 1999 Usenix Annual Technical Conference, Monterey, CA, June 1999. (.ps.gz, 209.4 KB).

Yatin Chawathe, Steve Fink, Steven McCanne, and Eric Brewer.  A Proxy Architecture for Reliable Multicast in Heterogeneous Environments. Proc. ACM Multimedia 98, Bristol, UK, Sept. 1998. [.ps.gz] (Just understand the soft-state load balancing and failure tolerance mechanisms described.)

P. Wyckoff, S. W. McLaughry, T. J. Lehman and D. A. Ford.  T Spaces.  IBM Systems Journal 37(3), Java Technology. [html] (Just get the basic architectural idea, don't worry about the details.)

Background and Browsables

Christian Schuckmann,  Lutz Kirchner, Jan Schümmer, Jörg M. Haake, Designing Object-Oriented synchronous groupware with COAST. In: Proceedings of the ACM 1996 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW'96), pp. 30-38, Boston Mass., ACM Press, New York, Nov. 16-20, 1996, ISBN 0-89791-765-0  [software][pdf]

M. Coen, Building Brains for Rooms. [HAL Project][pdf]

M. Coen, Design Principles for Intelligent Environments, Proc. National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 1998. [pdf]

M. Coen, B. Phillips, N. Warshawsky, L. Weisman, S. Peters, P. Finin, Meeting the Computational Needs of Intelligent Environments: The Metaglue System. [pdf]

T. D. Hodes, R. H. Katz, Composable Ad hoc Location-based Services for Heterogeneous Mobile Clients, ACM Wireless Networks Journal, special issue on mobile computing. (to appear) [ps]

T. D. Hodes, R. H. Katz, Enabling ``Smart Spaces:'' Entity Description and User Interface Generation for a Heterogeneous Component-based Distributed System, DARPA/NIST Smart Spaces Workshop, Gaithersburg, Maryland, July 1998. UC Berkeley Technical Report CSD/98/1008 [ps]

T. Hodes, M. Newman, S. McCanne, R. H. Katz, J. Landay, Shared Remote Control of a Videoconferencing Application: Motivation, Design, and Implementation, SPIE Multimedia Computing and Networking (MMCN '99), San Jose, California, January 1999, pp. 17-28. [ps]

M. Munson, T. Hodes, T. Fischer, K. H. Lee, T. Lehman, B. Zhao, Flexible Internetworking of Devices and Controls, Proceedings of IECON, San Jose, CA, December 1999. [ps]

S. McCanne, A Distributed Shared Whiteboard.


Armando Fox, Steven D. Gribble, Yatin Chawathe, Eric A. Brewer.  Adapting to Network and Client Variation Using Active Proxies: Lessons and Perspectives. IEEE Personal Communications (invited submission), August 1998. [pdf]

Distributed Collaboration and Teleconferencing

Ishii, H. and Kobayashi, M., "ClearBoard: A Seamless Media for Shared Drawing and Conversation with Eye-Contact," Proceedings of Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '92), ACM SIGCHI, Monterey, 3-7 May 1992, pp. 525-532.[ClearBoard Page][TeamWorkStation Page][acm pdf]

J. Hollan, S. Stornetta, Beyond Being There, Proceedings of Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '92), ACM SIGCHI, Monterey, 3-7 May 1992, pp. 119-125.[acm pdf]

W. Buxton, Living in Augmented Reality: Ubiquitous Media and Reactive Environments. In K. Finn, A. Sellen & S. Wilber (Eds.). Video Mediated Communication. Hillsdale, N.J.: Erlbaum, 363-384. An earlier version of this chapter also appears in Proceedings of Imagina '95, 215-229. [html]

S. Gibbs, C. Arapis, C. Brietlander, TELEPORT: Towards Immersive Copresence, ACM Multimedia Systems Journal, 7(3), pp. 214-221, 1999. [Collaborative Wall Home Page][springer pdf]

Human-Centered Interaction Architecture

F. Guimbretiere, T. Winograd, Visual Instruments for an Interactive Mural, CHI 99 Extended Abstracts. [html]

Terry Winograd, Towards a Human-Centered Architecture [html]