Schedule of CS448: Interactive Workspaces

Sep 23: Kick-off Meeting (Hanrahan)
Sep 28: Overview and Vision (Hanrahan/Winograd)
Sep 30: Multi-Modal Input (Winograd)
Oct 05: Project Infrastructure (Johanson)
Oct 07: Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (Winograd)
Oct 12: Table and Desks (Hanrahan)
Oct 13  Milestone: Application Concept/Scenario Paper Due
Oct 14: Walls and Whiteboards (Hanrahan)
Oct 19: Distributed Systems Infrastructure (Fox)
Oct 21: Rooms (Hanrahan)
Oct 22 Milestone: Project Proposals Due
Oct 26: Project Discussion
Oct 28: PDAs (Fox)
Nov 02: Project Design Reviews I
Nov 04: Project Design Reviews II
Nov 09: Distributed Collaboration and Teleconferencing (Hanrahan)
Nov 11: Working Group Meetings
Nov 16: Human-Centered Interaction Architecture (Winograd)
Nov 18: Working Group Meetings
Nov 19 Milestone: Final Project Statement of Work Due
Nov 23: Working Group Meetings
Nov 31: Working Group Meetings
Dec 2: Working Group Meetings
Dec 10 FINAL Milestone: Project Demonstration and Paper Due