CS448a, Fall 1999 Assignment 1 Submissions

Last updated by Johanson 10/18/99

Assignment 1 was to describe a future interactive workplace in a short paper, and was required to contain three sections:

  1. A short description of a physical space and the activities within the space, including the layout, and the ways people place themselves and move in the space while doing the work.
  2. A description of the embedded computing and interactive components (input and output devices) within the space, including non-computer objects that are relevant to the work (e.g., paper-based information that is brought into the space, physical models of things being designed, etc.).
  3. A short scenario of people using an application that you imagine in the space, describing what they are trying to do and which devices and objects they interact with, in a screenplay like step by step description.
The submissions were made as web pages which are collected together here.  The complete text of Assignment 1 can be found here.