Final Project Demo Schedule

Last updated 12/8/99 by Johanson

Final Project Demos for CS448A Interactive Workspaces will take place on December 10, 1999 from 1pm to 4pm.  Each group has been assigned a slot.  Each group was given 20 minutes, except for the DADA, Game and Workspace Memory groups.  DADA was given five minutes extra since they have five people, and the other two were given five minutes less since they have 2 and 1 members, respectively.

There will also be snacks provided during the demo session.

Start Time End Time Group
1:00 PM 1:10 PM Intro/Set Up
1:10 PM 1:30 PM Collaborative Film Making in the Interactive Workspace
            Alex Osipovich, Greg Hutchins, Michael Lee, Sandeep Jain
1:35 PM 1:55 PM Smart PowerPoint Presentations for the Interactive Workplace
            Rama Ranganath, Ranganath Rao, Rustan Eklund, Toli Kuznets
2:00 PM 2:15 PM Interactive Board Game of the Future
            Hareesh Kesavan, Richard Shin
2:20 PM 2:45 PM DADA Project
            John Haymaker, Martin Jonsson, Emre Kiciman, Brian Lee, Shankar Ponnekanti 
2:45 PM 2:55 PM
2:55 PM 3:10 PM Workspace Memory
            Caesar Sengupta 
3:15 PM 3:35 PM PDA Presentation Toolkit Proposal
            Janak Bhalodia, Hui Huang, Stephen Sorkin, Krishna Yeshwant
3:40 PM 4:00 PM iRoomSoundSystem: Project Proposal
            Rito Treviño, David Starke, Robert Baesman