Winter Quarter '99-'00

The purpose of this course is to survey a number of topics of current interest in modeling shape and motion for computer graphics applications. Topics to be covered include:

  • Triangle Meshes for Surface Representation and Reconstruction
  • The Rudiments of Combinatorial Topology
  • Surface Simplification and Compression
  • Splines on Manifolds
  • Subdivision Surfaces
  • Rigid-Body Dynamics
  • Collision Detection
  • Flexible Object Representations and Algorithms

The class will consist of a mixture of lectures by the class staff presenting basic material in the above areas, followed by student presentations of key research papers and discussion. Students taking the course for credit will be expected to:

  • be present and actively participate in class
  • write a critique of one of the research papers to be presented
  • be part of a team presentation for one of the student sessions
  • provide an additional written contribution to the class in one of the above areas

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